Love Canal and Hydro fracturing, the Difference.

Love Canal and Hydro fracturing, the Difference.

I mean what better way to scare someone one into protesting a process then too compare a tragedy as the love canal against anything that has anything to do with large volumes of chemicals.

Here is the Difference.

The love Canal Chemical Dumpsite was a hole in the ground 50 feet wide and 40 feet deep, which contained 20,000 tons of more than 200 different chemicals, making chemical contamination of the water and land not only possible but a probability that happened. In fact when the Hooker chemical company sold this property to the school, pollution probabilities were so stated in the paperwork accompanying the sale. Massive amounts of chemicals were dumped in this hole so very very close to the surface and only covered by a few feet of clay and top soil.

Deep Shale Hydro Fracturing is done between 5,000 and 12,000 feet deep below the earth. Never in NY to be less then 3,000 feet deep according to the dSGEIS in review by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Well casings are put well below the deepest water aquifer and a minimum of 500 feet into bedrock then backfilled with cement until the cement resurfaces above ground. A DEC inspector is on site to ensure the proper cementing procedures are followed. Up to five 1/2 inch thick steel casings from 23 inches to 4 inches in width, are used in drilling a gas well each being back filled with cement except for the production pipe which is approximately 4 inches in diameter.

Now take into consideration that the aquifers are well protected and that the fracturing is ready to begin 5-12,000 feet below the surface. What keeps these chemicals from migrating upwards to pollute the surface of the earth or any of its aquifers? Thousands of feet of solid bedrock, clay, and other rock formations! That and the fact that the shale being hydro fractured absorbs much of the hydro fracturing compound itself and this is why in the 70 year history of hydro fracturing there has never been a case reported of ground water pollution caused by hydro fracturing, NOT ONE !!!

So you see attempts to compare Hydro fracturing gas wells to the Love Canal in NY is nothing more than using fear tactics to keep the public misinformed about Gas Drilling in general. Don’t be fooled or sound off with false claims that will only discredit your voice. Learn the science behind the fiction and you will be able to make informed decisions based on that science, not the misinformation.

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